About Us

He plays drums too!Justin began programming in 1989 while still at school. He would use his Saturday morning to go to a friend who was studying programming at university, and learn what he could. After getting his first Timex Sinclair 1000 (from said friend) he learnt GW Basic.

His love of computers wasn't more than a hobby until the late 90's when Justin began dealing in second-hand computers. In 2001 he took the bold step to get into programming as a career, sold his Signwriting business and studied to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. Fortunately (sarc.) the IT bubble had just burst! His skills though were upgraded and he qualified as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and trained for 18 months at IT Intellect.

In 2002 he began his own company (Absolute Solutions) and did free-lance training, programming and hardware sales and support. He was able to provide training for the well-known software development company Derivco. In 2005 he was asked to join Varsity College as a (permanent?) contract lecturer. He lectured 1st year and 2nd year IT Programming and Networking students. During this time he gained further certifications in the IT field, including A+, N+, International Computer Drivers Licence, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.

Some of Justin's certifications.Did you know... in 2011, the BSc degree for Software Engineering used a textbook on UI design written in 1988! Before Windows 3.1?

Because of the frustration of learning outdated technology in the BSc qualification, Justin did not complete his degree he was studying part-time. Thus he could no longer continue lecturing (despite industry-recognized qualifications), and devoted himself full time to programming. He also offers onsite computer training for organizations that  need employees that know what to do, and specifically know what to do for their job, and not employees who just have a certificate.

Justin has also provided part-time work for IT students looking to gain work experience through real-world projects, and not simulated classroom exercises.

Justin uses his experience of training to assist companies manage their training. He assists various manufacturing companies in KZN, South Africa, to apply for funding from the FPM SETA and MERSETA, and thereafter to run NQF Level 02 learnerships . He has assisted some companies to become accredited workplace training providers. In this regard Justin has completed various training-related unit standards, as well as being an accredited assessor and moderator.