On-site Computer Training
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How Much Do Your Employees Know?


Did you know that statistics show most people use only 10% of the features in the various Microsoft Office programs? Now that is a lot of lost productivity! The right training can close the gaps that exist in knowledge and make for a much more productive workforce.

Absolute Solutions provides a range of Microsoft Office and Windows training modules designed to up-skill you and your staff. We will provide a pre-assessment to ascertain current expertise to ensure training is relevant to individual candidates. All courses can be customized to satisfy company-specific needs.

We will provide computer training onsite, and will make available laptops with the necessary software already installed for the purposes of training. Maximum of 5 candidates per module.

For more information please see the following documents:
  • Course Outline – What is covered in each module. Who your trainer will be.
  • Booking Form – Course pricing, schedule and specific training requirements. Contact Us for current information.
  • Resource List – Books and software pricing (for those doing training). Contact Us for current pricing.

Please let us know if you have any other specific computer-based training needs that we may be able to assist you with. Feel free to Request a Quotation online for your project, or Contact Us directly.