How did you do with your WSP/ATR/DG Application?

So, really, how was your WSP/ATR/PTR and DG Application?
  1. No hassles at all!
  2. Could have been better.
  3. We didn’t get it submitted in time.
  4. What’s a WSP/ATR/DG Application?
If your answer was 2, 3 or 4 then perhaps I can be of assistance to you or your company.

My name is Justin Goddard and I have been involved with training since 2001. For the last 4 years I have been assisting a variety of textile companies in the FPM sector to compile and submit their WSP/ATR/DG Application. Each year, I have seen companies face many challenges with regard to training:
  • Incorrect or incomplete information about the company, employees and/or training.
  • Recurring training lapses.
  • Documents and certificates that need to be renewed lapse.
  • Job profiles and related training is non-existent or out of date.
  • Training required for employees job progression is not identified, not recorded or difficult to access.
  • Funding from the FPM SETA is not obtained because of incomplete or insufficient information.
  • SETA funded training is not managed efficiently and tranche payments are delayed.
Each year I have imagined a better system for companies to keep accurate training records. This year I have decided to offer my services to take care of the administrative duties relating to training. Specifically, these services will help companies to become or maintain their compliance with the FPM SETA regulations (including Mandatory and Discretionary Grants), BEE criteria and ISO accreditation.

In addition, I am developing an online web-based system that will enable all companies to more easily plan, track and manage their training, as well as be a useful source of training information, guidance and advice. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me back and I will be glad to give you more detail of what I can offer your company.

I would love to gain more insight into the training requirements of the FPM sector, and so I would appreciate your feedback via an online survey I put together with just 10 questions. Your input will be very much appreciated.

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